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Adobe introduces Creative Cloud 2015

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In between constant updates, Adobe keeps their Creative Cloud apps up to date with a yearly release filled with new updates. Let’s have a look at what’s new!


Just like Illustrator a few years ago, Photoshop CC now introduces Artboards. Layer based, this gives the possibility to have several designs in one file. Also included is the release of Photoshop Design Space. This lets designers create design-focused desktop tool layouts that ignore unnecessary tools. A new Dehaze filter has been added, that also was added to Lightroom CC.

Illustrator CC has been updated with significant performance improvements, making it ten times faster than CS6. Zoom magnification is now ten times higher, reaching up to 64,000 percent instead of 6,400 percent, and there’s a new Chart interface that makes it easier to create custom charts and graphics.

Video editors can rejoice, since Premiere CC has gained the most significant updates with a Lumetri Color-panel that will make it easier to do streamlined color grading. Morph Cut is making it easy to get rid of jump cuts by blending frames together in a revolutionary new way. After Effects CC now offers Uninterrupted Preview where users can change original compositions and panel dimensions, without having to re-render. With a webcam you can use the impressive Adobe Character Animator, where you can animate any character by acting it out yourself.

Dreamweaver CC now offers starting responsive templates to make it easy to create good-looking sites. Muse CC gets Typekit integration.

Completely new is Adobe Stock.  The application makes it easy for Creative Cloud users to integrate stock images in their designs. The application offers 40 million images with direct integration in Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, Premier Pro CC and After Effects CC. After completing their design they can buy the license for the used images. Through a web-interface, non-CC subscribers can also use the service.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 12.34.02The Adobe Creative Cloud is one of the biggest creative software creators on the market, and their move to the cloud three years ago moved a lot of ripples throughout the user community. However, almost 4 million subscribers is quite a big feat, and it’s good to see they are keeping up their promise of constant updates.

You can also discover what is new with this Adobe produced series of video’s.

If you’re a CC subscriber and haven’t had an update, restart your computer and the app should be showing the new goods!

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