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Sigma 35mm F1.4 DC HSM

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Sigma, just the name alone used to give a weary smile of the low-budget photographer. Lenses with dubious build-quality, soft focus and low quality roamed the bag of many enthusiast. But since 2013 something has been stirring in the offices of the Japanese lens manufacturer. With the creation of the Art series, it has been sending ripples through the photographic community.

KVDS-20151116-133355-33-iPhone 6s.jpg

Still, I was weary. I always chose to save up a bit longer and get Nikkor glass. Ever I got my 24 f1.4 I was in love with these fast primes. So when I was in the market For a 35 I did a bit of research. I’ve been on the fence for the past weeks, but when I encountered one of those Sigma Art lenses in the wild, I set apart my golden-ring pride and asked to have a fiddle. And you’ll never believed what happened next!

I absolutely adore it!

The Sigma 35mm F1.4 DC HSM is a game changer. With better autofocus speed, accuracy and sharpness it beats about every point that I I found could be improved with my 24 1.4 (which i do love). The fact that I paid less than half on what I would pay the Nikkor version completed the deal.

For the first time since I started shooting a battered D70 back in the day, I now have a Sigma lens in my daily work bag, which continues to amaze me to this day. 

Here are some pictures I have shot on assignments over the course of last week.

KVDS-20151117-164732-2128-NIKON DfKVDS-20151121-210150-2443-NIKON DfKVDS-20151124-104613-8403-NIKON D800KVDS-20151124-112325-8450-NIKON D800KVDS-20151125-170832-8749-NIKON D800KVDS-20151125-173745-8826-NIKON D800KVDS-20151125-191831-8969-NIKON D800KVDS-20151127-201027-3127-NIKON DfKVDS-20151127-201219-3130-NIKON DfKVDS-20151128-124149-3503-NIKON Df

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