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The new IKEA smell

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We all know how it smells when you finished building those new IKEA packets. A mixture between wood and and pride of not messing up the instructions.

But what if it was the IKEA itself that was new? For years people of Hasselt and Limburg have looked forward to an IKEA coming their way, and especially the ten months it took to build it. But today the worlds most energy efficiency IKEA store opened by the IKEA-traditional sawing of a wooden log. Not that most will care about the 100% LED lighting, the fully electronic warehouse or bigger windows, for the 1.6 million expected visitors are most interested in scented candles and KÖTTBULLAR. But I’m sure they will love the biggest IKEA store in Belgium.

It is a good thing this worldwide giant brings 300 job oppurtunities in a section of Belgium that was hit hard by the closing of Ford Genk and other socio-economic disasters. With their own designated bus stop and reworked traffic plan it’s also interesting how much a store as this changes life for those living around it. You can tell everyone is proud of this

But, we love joining a hype as much as the next hipster, and IKEA can be just plain fun if you ignore the haters and people who claim they can get lost in there. How even?

So here is how a new IKEA looks like. Enjoy.

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#IKEAHasselt is open! With ABBA Music!

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