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Tomorrowland / Disney Project T

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Tomorrowland-2As a Disney geek, seeing anything Disneyland on the big screen is just great. For me that magic Kingdom still remains the ultimate Disney experience. That’s why I was already very curious about Brad Bird’s Tomorrowland. What could the man responsible for my all time favourite Pixar movies and the best Mission Impossible in years say to us with the name Tomorrowland? Quite a lot, and I like it!

The movie, which really starts at the iconic 1964 New York World’s Fair shows us nostalgia for an great moment in history, and even brings us into the original “it’s a small world”. Having experienced the worldwide 50th celebration of the fabled attraction last year, it was even greater seeing it up there than I imagined it would be. A quick moment later and we are in the futuristic Tomorrowland.

Just like Guardian Of The Galaxies’ Xandar, Tomorrowland’s futuristic design is heavily inspired by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava’s buildings

We follow the adventures of young inventor named Frank Walker (Thomas Robinson/George Clooney), before we are being interrupted and flash forward to the current time to follow Casey Newton (Britt Robertson).

What happens next is a fun thrill adventure with many references to Disney, Star Wars, Sci-Fi and so much more. The scene in the comic book store itself is a moment that I want to keep replaying and see every small detail in there.


The Tomorrowland we are introduced to is an amazing land, filled to the brim with great technology and big dreamers. Creativity is being rewarded, and people are given the chance to create.

Tomorrowland is a love letter to Disney, Disneyland and the future we where all promised.

While some may have problems with the doomsday messages in the movie, I think its deeper meaning about the negativism attitude in our society really holds true. So, take it for what it is, and enjoy the ride.

I might be too young to have experienced the era where everyone was promised a jetpack, but trust me, I still want one, and the first moments we see one on screen, soaring through the skies and reveal us Tomorrowland, I had goosebumps. We live in a time where digital cities look more real than they ever have been, and it’s great to see Brad Bird’s vision come to life in this way.

For my closing remarks, I’ll keep it short and simple and use kermit’s words. It’s made for the lovers, the dreamers and I. … So just give me my pin!

Disney's TOMORROWLAND..Tomorrowland pin ..Ph: Kimberley French..©Disney 2015

Tomorrowland (Disney Project T in Europe) is still playing in theatres worldwide and will have a home release in October in the USA.

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