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Reports suggest iWatch to be just an iBracelet

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iWatch concept by Wolf Gang iWatch concept by Wolf Gang

Apple’s iWatch is a much coveted item. Even myself, a fervent non watch/jewellery-wearer am intrigued by wearable technology. See notifications in a non-intrusive way on your watch or the ability to take pictures of your point-of-view would be awesome. Of course, conversations through your watch like in our all-time favourite TV program The Thunderbirds would be the nicest bit of technology to become reality.

A tweet by fellow TML writer Thomas sent me thinking.

What if Apple indeed would just create a rubber sensor-band. No display, nothing. Just something to wear that would just sit there, listening, sending data of low-powered Bluetooth to the M7 chip. Of course, wearing the device would provide an extra accurate layer of data to your device, but will it be enough?

I mean, I use my phone to glance at the time. The second most use is just to check if I have a notification, as any mail of message could be the one that I have to pack my bags and get out on the field to take pictures. Of course, it’s not always that dramatic, as most messages will not bring me to airport but to the grocery store to pick up milk. But I digress, notifications are important to me.

If Apple will take the sensor-band route, will it be a product for me?

I don’t know. For a product to fit my lifestyle I need to have a ‘click’ with it. The iPad had me at first touch and I still enjoy using it. The iPhone was my ticket to freedom. Who knows that this smart bracelet will finally get me of my ass or even see if my day-to-day activities are really as healthy as I hope they are. (They probably aren’t).

So, If this product will get me moving, or measure how much moving I actually do, it could be a cool product, even if it won’t tell me who needs me at this time.

Cupertino, your move!

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