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Sengled Pulse

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The Sengled Pulse is a new product that aims to combine two experience each day: Light and Music.

The problem with trying to combine things like this, is that you end up with a hybrid product that isn’t only between categories and most often fails to make a mark on the world. Once in a while you encounter things like the Cronut, but most often you get a Duffin. A what? Exactly. So, which of those is the Sengled Pulse? Let’s find out!

When you take them out of the package you will notice one thing at once: these things are HUGE. No way you can plug these in regular lamps. Compared here to the already larger Philips Hue and a regular bulb.

KVDS-20151107-194332-1361-NIKON Df

As soon as you plug them in, you will get a Bluetooth notification sound from the bulbs. This lets you know you can pair the bulbs. As soon as this is done, you can send music to them from your phone in the same way you would from any other bluetooth devices like the SoundLink On-Ear.

The bulb, shining a nice warmish hue of yellow of 2700K, is one of many hybrid lamps Sengled offers. One extends WiFi, another has a camera, but this one plays music. With the companion app you can dim the light, or select a few presets of equalising.  You can connect to eight bulbs, which each of them come in Candy Apple Red or Silver. Dimming is nice and fast, yet not completely smooth. However, it will get the job done.

On to the other part of the thing: sound. One thing that I noticed immediately is the high pitched squeal tone whenever the bulbs are on, which is quite distracting. But how does music sounds? Since the huge bulbs are still small compared to regular speakers, the sound sounds a bit muffled. The highs sounds nice and sharp, but I miss the oomph from products like the  SoundLink Mini.

The idea? Amazing though! It’s great to sit in your couch and have music magically appear from your lights. It’s like the singing mushrooms in the Efteling.

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