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The Art Of Elimination

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When flying a low-fares airline such as Ryanair, it’s important to travel as light as possible. Each extra pound can cost you dearly, and as a photographer I have my priorities. When packing, I rely on the art of elimination. Stripping everything away you don’t need until you get to the bare essentials. As an example, this is what I took on two photo-holidays to Prague and Kopenhagen last week. Both trips where three days and two nights each.

My main need for the trip was a Nikon DF, Nikkor 24mm f/1.4 and a Nikkor 85mm f/1.8. Packed neatly in two of the three lens compartments of the small but stylish Think Tank Retrospective 5. Entertainment and computing power came from my iPad Mini that slid in the front pouch, together with a Lightning cable, power adapter, an extra battery for my camera and a toothbrush.

Clothing wise it was simple. I packed two pairs of socks and two pair of underpants. I wore what I needed for the climate. In Kopenhagen I wore a Disney shirt, grey hoodie, my big wintercoat and a Buff scarf. Correct layering made sure I wasn’t too cold with the wind, or too warm inside well heated buildings. For Prague I decided to class it up and wear a suit on my travel days, and leave the jacket at home on the warmest day.

In the end, I used every single item I packed, and yet never needed anything else that I couldn’t find in the apartments I spent the nights.

This type of travel can come to a shock to some, but once you get the hang of it, it’s addicting! 

My first Disneyland press event, my then-girlfriend packed two huge bags. One with two changes of clothes, one with snacks. (Don’t ask). The last time she joined me she packed a small handbag she could even keep on her in the park all day.

Do you really need that extra pair of pants in case of a stain? Do you really need that third blouse because you might sweat on a warm day? No you don’t. Worst case scenario you use a washing machine or enter an H&M and replace if you messed up something beyond a washing.

And when you do, that bit of clothing will always remind you of that one time you where traveling and had an adventure.

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