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Adobe introduces new Elements.

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It’s simple. If you’re a creative professional that works with images, you work with Adobe. I don’t know a single designer who doesn’t. But what if you’re creative, but not a professional. Well, Adobe has something for you! The Elements. Taking the most important features in Photoshop and Premiere, and putting it in a nice and simple interface.

On a bright morning, in the gorgeous ‘EYE’, the Amsterdam Film Museum, Adobe presented us with the new Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 and Adobe Premiere Elements 12.

The products are consumer based. People who encounter things and capture them with their smartphones, points and shoots, entry-level DSLR’s. As an experienced Photoshop export,

New in Photoshop Elements 12 are Mobile Connectivity, Content-Aware Move, Straighten Tool, Auto Smart Tone, Guided Edits, Quick ‘Frames, Effects and Textures’, Pet Eye. 64 Bit support for Mac.

New in Premiere Elements 12: Mobile Connectivity, Auto Smart Tone, new Dynamic Scores and Sound Effects, Guided Edits and more Film Looks.

Also interesting is a major Revel connectivity. Shared Albums. Versioning, sharing between mobile phone.

Revel is the new bridge for beginners. Instead of importing images, you just upload the pictures and video from your smartphone in the Revel app, and lo and behold, they show up in your library. One click later and you’re editing them in Photoshop Elements!

The first thing you notice when you open Photoshop Elements is there are 3 ways of editing. Quick, Guided and Expert. The biggest improvement is the Guided Mode. It’s an interesting mode where people new to Photoshop can get a step by step tutorial to create basic things like a vignette, or even crazy things like a 3D puzzle effect. However, it offers a lot of interesting tools and information for more advanced functions like Restore Old Photo, where you can step by step clean up old pictures. So there are a lot of possibilities here. Even a Tilt-Shift and the 2013-obligatory Lomo effect are present. Another interesting feature is Pet Eye. Apparently a too-common-enough asked question that made Adobe put in a feature to eliminate red eyes with pets. Miaouw! Oh, and it comes with 64 bit support for Mac!

When looking at its brother, Premiere Elements, it’s easy to see the trend continues. Guided Edits! These also work as in Photoshop Elements. Just choose what you want to do, and Premiere Elements will highlights the buttons you need to push to get the desired result.

Something that will impress almost every editor is the Dynamic Score! No more looking for the right length of music, just drag in one of the provided score, and it will dynamically start with an intro and close with outro, all based on the desired length.

Also impressive is the Motion Tracking: just track an object and stick a graphic on it. Fast and easy. No more countless of hours in After Effects.

People on the go however should note, all supplements are available online, so you will need an internet connection if you want to use scores, sound effects, graphics, et al.

Each packet is available for €99,99, or €79,99 when upgrading from CS3 or later. When bundled the Adobe Elements 12 package will set you back €149,99 bundled. (€119,99 upgrade price). Adobe Revel is free with 50 uploads per month, with the first month unlimited uploads. When you need more, there is a premium subscription available for $5,99/month. The license for the elements software is as usual limited to two computers for a single user.

Also of note, only three languages are available for Mac. .

Windows: Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Swedish
Multiplatform (Mac+PC) German, English, French.

The boxed software is available Today!

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