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LEGO WALL•E (21303)

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It’s not every day you can call a LEGO set adorable, but then again, it’s not every day they release an amazing set of WALL•E. The eleventh set by LEGO Ideas is not only a great recreation of the loved robot, it’s made by Pixar animator Angus MacLane who also directed the short BURN•E.

Angus started building and refining the model around the same time the character was being built digitally at Pixar in late 2005. When being picked as the next LEGO Ideas set, they brought in LEGO Designer Steen Sig Andersen and WALL•E director Andrew Stanton to create the final version which isn’t just a marvel to behold, it’s a joy to build!


The set coming in at a whopping 677 pieces is a marvel to build. The yellow bricks are so iconic that no matter which part you built it’s obvious what you are building. And as soon as you add the eyes you fall in love. In fact, every person who visits my office immediately goes “WALL•E!” and proceeds to look at the model. And just wait until you pose the eyes.. everybody melts. Manly squees indeed.

Here are some pictures of when we took WALL•E to the park.

KVDS-20150904-163211-9854-NIKON D800

KVDS-20150904-164648-9874-NIKON D800

KVDS-20150904-163714-9860-NIKON D800

KVDS-20150904-163938-9863-NIKON D800

WALL•E is available in LEGO shops worldwide and online for €49,99 / $59,99.

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