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Ibiza, the island of …

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There are moments in life where I ask myself, how did I ever end up here? Last Tuesday, I’ve had the exact same feeling while relaxing under a palm tree, sipping a pina colada, in sunny Ibiza. All because of a single question.

What if you could have a taste of what Ibiza truly offers, all in a single day?


Well, I figured it out, all thanks to Corendon. The Dutch-Belgian hotel, airline and a tour operator will fly to Ibiza starting April 2016, and what better way to promote that fact than a big creative stunt?!

160 Couples and a handful of lucky journalists and bloggers assembled Tuesday at 4:30 am at Brussels Airport. A quick check-in later, we boarded chartered flight CND9215. The lovely warm Dutch welcome was warming, but nothing could compare to the glorious sunrise and an azure coastline we witnessed in the two hours and fifteen minute flight.


First on the menu was discovering the old city of Ibiza itself, Dalt Vila. The great wall that surrounds the city is just another part of its long history of occupations by Greeks, Romans, Moors, Christians and a few others in-between. While everyone that knows Ibiza, or Eivissa as the Catalan call it, as a place of wild parties, booze and sex, it has so much more to offer. Our guide was Mark. The Belgian expat had piercing blue eyes and long wavy hair, bleached by the southern sun. With a decent amount of humor he guided us the entire day, where we firsthand witnessed the glorious landscapes, great weather and a laid back attitude. We climbed hundreds of stairs, explored cobblestoned alleyways, before we found ourselves between the million euro yachts.

Nature wise we encountered the Ses Salines salt planes, the beach of Sant Josep de Sa Talaria and the amazing view of Cala d’Hort. We finished our tour at Babylon Beach in Santa Eularia Des Riu. The great food and cocktails made all of the journalists happy, with the free wifi providing an everlasting source of frustrations of those at home, who had to scroll by a great amount of Instagrams of sun, beach and fun.


After everyone had been force-dragged back to the bus, we drove to the Hard Rock Hotel. The five star resort was home to our evening party, but not before some of us decide that day would not be over before we would submerge ourselves in the beach water of the Balearic Islands. Under a setting full moon, we discovered you don’t need a heated pool in Ibiza, with an amazing ocean nearby.

With some of that famous Ibiza Salt still dried on my skin, it was time to say goodbye to an island that surprised me quite a lot! Completely de-stressed and ready for adventure I can tell that in the future I will be visiting Ibiza again, and discover more of what that mysterious island has to offer!

Check out my pictures, all created on an iPhone 6s, here.


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